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                傳真.png Fax:0512-68154536

                ShuangshiProject implementation system

                Standardization of custom processes to make quality more secure

                ShuangshiEnvironmental typical performance

                Thanks to the relevant units for many years of the strong support and trust of Shuangshi!

                Focus on chemical energy saving technology development in the field of environmental protection - - - lets you choose not to regret


                R & D and innovation as its mission, with its own sulfuric acid plant and pilot plant, with a number of invention patents and proprietary technology, involved in the development of a number of national standards.

                At home and abroad with a number of chemical design, production and equipment manufacturing enterprises have close cooperative relations and established a variety of cooperation models.

                Sulfuric acid non-standard equipment

                Clean high purity sulfuric acid plant

                Custom made

                Have more than industry experts, a number of products, engineering and technical reserves.

                Cooperation with domestic famous colleges and universities, with complete experimental facilities and a full range of professional research team, according to customer requirements custom energy-saving, environmentally friendly process solutions.

                Constantly improve the intellectual property management system to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

                Timely to inform clients of the latest research results, providing technology upgrading services to ensure the interests of new and old customers to maximize.

                Shuangshi environmental technology

                - For you to create energy saving, environmental protection, one-stop technology services


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                Tetracycline anti-corrosion equipment


                Shuangshi Suzhou Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the East Watertown - Wuzhong District Suzhou Su Road, high-speed rail to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 30 minutes away. The company is committed to the chemical industry, energy saving, environmental protection in the field of technology development, 


                Sulfuric acid non-standard equipment

                ShuangshiMain business

                Sulfuric acid and downstream products "total package project"

                With a refined sulfuric acid (high purity sulfuric acid), liquid sulfur dioxide, chlorosulfonic acid, sulfamic acid, sulfuryl chloride and other products of a variety of proprietary production technology or patents.

                A variety of industries (such as sulfuric acid, metallurgy, food additives, phosphate and other industries) tail gas treatment technology;

                A variety of industries (such as sulfuric acid, metallurgical industry) a variety of energy recovery technology.

                Provide a variety of environmental protection, energy saving equipment, corrosion-resistant materials

                Provide a variety of chemical (sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and downstream chemical products) technical services

                ShuangshiNews Center

                Understand industry information

                Suzhou Shuangshi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.





                Add: Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, 52 Su Su Road

                Copyright ? http://www.zakhinhope.com/en/ Suzhou Shuangshi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd Specializing inClean high purity sulfuric acid plant,Sulfuric acid non-standard equipment,Tetracycline anti-corrosion equipment,Welcome to inquire!
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